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Unique Designs: Our rings boast captivating and one-of-a-kind designs, ensuring a truly remarkable and distinct jewelry experience.
 Handcrafted Rings: Meticulously made in Arizona, reflecting skilled artistry.
Veteran Owned: Supporting veterans through our non-profit initiative.

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Every ring is custom-made by a skilled artisan, who meticulously crafts it with a strict and rigorous inspection process, ensuring the creation of a masterpiece of utmost quality and artistry.

Indulge in the allure of our rings crafted from exquisite, luxury-grade materials sourced from the most extraordinary origins. Discover the wonder of space with meteorites, hold history in your hands with coal from the Titanic, and embrace the timeless beauty of 4,000-year-old pottery, among other captivating options.


Above: SSgt David Lund, founder of Excalibur Rings standing with Airman Chris “Petey” Petersen in Balad Air Base, Iraq. Circa 2009. Introducing The Petersen Foundation, our forthcoming non-profit organization, named in honor of Airman Christopher Petersen. Our primary mission is to support the families of veterans who have tragically lost their lives to suicide by assisting them with unforeseen expenses. Additionally, we aim to empower veterans by providing them with the skill of ring-making, believing that this creative outlet can serve as a means of healing and personal growth for them as well.

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