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              David Lund, a San Diego native, served in the United States Air Force for 6 years in active duty. In his chosen field, Security Forces, David would often travel to multiple hot zones in several countries and provide a security role for some of the USAF’s multimillion dollar assets. During a 8 month deployment in Iraq, David was exposed to constant mortar barrages and was tasked with tracking down unexploded ordnances (UXOs) both inside and outside the wire which drew a constant source of paranoia. These experiences, cumulating with an unexpected divorce back home to his estranged ex-wife, caused David to develop PTSD and major depression, often leading to thoughts and actions suggesting suicide.

            In 2010, David elected to leave the Air Force and travel to Arizona to be with his family and to hopefully escape his war wounds. Unfortunately, the demons never left and grew worse over time especially with the death of a good friend. David sought counseling but often resorted to heavy alcohol consumption which was kept private from his family. 



              During a stay in 2018 at the Phoenix VA Hospital, David reluctantly participated in a program called Recreational Therapy. During a crafting session, David discovered how much he enjoyed making things. After his release from the VA hospital, David looked into photography, pyrography (wood burning art), and jewelry work, more specifically, rings. David’s then girlfriend (now wife), Amanda, continued to encourage him to pursue his craft which eventually flourished into a hobby and a well established business that has saved his life.           



             During his visits to the Phoenix VA, David met plenty of people who were suffering greater then himself. Having a passion for helping others, David committed to helping anyone he could get back on their feet and continue fighting the unseen war against PTSD. David makes rings for these veterans, the homeless and anyone in the community who needs encouragement and to find hope. 


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours. Languages: English, Spanish. 

Veteran’s Crisis Line     






dlund@excaliburrings.com – David Lund, Owner/Ringmaker