operation defender 2020

In December 2020, Excalibur Rings took on a special project to raise the morale of airmen currently deployed in combat zones. The project involved purchasing and collecting items for care packages to send overseas to deployed airmen in the Security Forces career field. These items included toiletries, snacks, gifts and random yet creative items for the airmen as well as bags of candy and treats to be shared passed out to others. We hope we can bring some joy to an airmen who may be going through their first deployment over the holidays and may be feeling down. 

Something For Everyone

Family and friends of Excalibur Rings owners, David & Amanda Lund, prepare an assembly line to stock gifts for deployed troops and the local nationals in several countries. 

Nurturing Young Minds

We hope that we can foster young children’s minds with caring and loving attitudes toward our servicemembers and people who are less fortunate than themselves.  

Co-owner and operations director of Excalibur Rings, Amanda Lund (left) along with brother, Robert Davis, pack toiletries for deployed airmen overseas. 

Note: Current employee of the month can be partially seen in background. 

Excalibur Rings CEO, David Lund, oversees the final stages of packing the essentials. 




Happy Holidays from Excalibur Rings!