How long does it take to make a ring? 

The length of time needed to make a ring can vary due to a number of reasons such as demand, design, materials in stock, and custom work such as engraving. You can typically expect 2 – 4 weeks but we do our best to get them out to you as soon as possible. If you are getting custom engraving, add an additional 3 days to your timeline. 

Where do you get your meteorite? 

Meteorite, as well as our other exotic materials, are sourced from a reliable and authentic supplier in the US.  

The tungsten metal broke! Can I have a refund? 

Unfortunately, in most cases I cannot refund a ring because it was dropped too many times, scraped, shattered, smashed, pulverized, etc. I will however, replace your ring with the same design that was ordered. Tungsten metal is not shatter proof; I’ve broken two tungsten ring blanks in my shop (one from stress testing and the other was stuck to a mandrel). Tungsten is scratch resistant but not indestructible. Let us know if you need a replacement and please have your order number ready. 

Where does the glow come from? How long does the glow last? 

The glow is from a material called strontium aluminite which is mixed in with the meteorite along the inlay. The meteorite itself does not glow. We have experimented with the glow from finished rings and found with a UV flashlight, rings glow twice as long as we have found from incandescent sources. The glows are very bright at first but then dim after several minutes. 

What kind of metal do you use? 

We work with tungsten carbide which is a very durable and scratch resistant metal. Tungsten is also hypoallergenic. This is because in the process of combining two metals, the nickel binds so well with tungsten that it loses its ability to react with the skin.

I ordered the wrong size. Can I exchange my ring for another? 

Absolutely! We will be happy to resize your ring. You would just be responsible for shipping the ring back. It just gets too expensive to always offer free shipping for something we didn’t do wrong.

To avoid this headache, consider one of our ring sizers. I don’t like to beat around the bush so this is how it works: you purchase a ring sizer from us for $10. This is to cover shipping. After getting your ring size, let us know your ring size in an email and we will apply a $10 discount code toward the purchase of your ring.   

Why are these rings expensive?

Compared to your local jewelers, our prices are competitive and reasonable. We can also offer you a unique handmade product unlike what you would find in a chain jewelry store. We don’t mass produce. Every ring is made to order by hand to fulfill a specific order. We also offer the following:

  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Free US shipping
  • Communicative customer support for life to answer questions about caring for your ring. 

I’ve seen similar tungsten rings for a lot cheaper. Why are your rings priced higher?

Two things: Integrity and excellence. Our rings are 100% handmade in the US and do not come off an assembly line overseas like some ring companies. Some poor sap probably didn’t think twice about who he was making the ring for and rushed through his quota.

We have been praised for putting in the effort to get to know our clients and are with them 100% of the way from design to shipping with order updates and professional customer service.      

In the end, we want you to be happy with your ring on your special day no matter where it came from. We can even recommend other top quality ring companies if you want something handmade and more expensive. 

I found a ring I like but it’s too expensive. Can you help me out? 

Yes! First, we offer student, military and emergency responder discounts. We also hold sales often so if the ring you want is not available, just hold out for a sale. We also have a clearance section where we keep rings that weren’t paid for, returned, exchanged, etc. None of these rings are bad. We just don’t have a use for them except to sell them and try to make some of our money back. Finally, we have payment plan options through Klarna that we’re currently working out. 

If none of the above are an option, just send me a message and I’m sure we can work something out.   

Why is your business called Excalibur Rings? 

haha, great question 🙂 I’ve always loved stories, movies and video games involving kings and knights, both fictional and historic. I just felt it was a awesome name for a unique ring style. David Lund Rings just didn’t have the right ring to it (no pun intended).