Founded with
a mission.

Simple, stylish and locally-crafted apparel rings.

Passionate ring makers with caring hearts

In a world with hundreds of jewelers who want to find their niche daily, it’s hard to come across one that sets its mission, products and values about all others. Excalibur Rings LLC, an up and coming jewelry company with creative spirit and a passion for helping others.

Our products remain competitive so we can manage overhead but at the same time, a small amount of profit is donated to some of the most well known charities and organizations that help wounded veterans and as well as struggling mothers. 

Why Excalibur rings?

Every ring is unique

Your ring is made to order just for you. No two rings are the same. They are made with exotic luxury grade materials, meteorites from space, coal from the Titanic and 4,000 year old pottery to name a few. 

Giving back to the Community

Whether it's delivering goods to homeless shelters or teaching those struggling with mental health about recreational therapy, we have a heart for giving back to the community.

Handmade in the USA

We've always believed in the power of locally made goods. Every ring is handmade by ring artisans in Mesa, Arizona.

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